Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 4 – Seasons

Here we go on day 4 – can’t beleive it’s going so quickly – only 3 more after this one.  I will be working for the next 3 days though, so it’s going to be getting harder.  The search code for today’s posts is 3KCBWDAY4 (can yer see the pattern yet! – simple eh?!)

I can’t say that today’s topic really grabs me, but I’ll give it a go.  The title is

Knitter for all Seasons

Spring has spring IMG_0021

Spring blossom                                                                                            Summer breeze

The thing is, that I’m not a knitter for all seasons. Shock horror!  My knitting goes in cycles from constant knitting; that is taking it everywhere with me so that I can add a few rows in any spare few minutes – on the bus or tube, waiting for my friends to arrive – actually, strike that last one.  Who am I kidding? As my friends will all tell you, I am always late!! ; to harldy picking up sticks at all.😦

I don’t think that this is due to the seasons, but perhaps it is.  In autumn and winter people generally withdraw and spend more time at home.  This is true for me too; and with more time at home there is obviously more time to knit.  I don’t tend to knit winter woolies though. I’m a shawl girl really, so what I knit isn’t seasonal either.  In summer I like to go outside, but knitting outside in summer isn’t really an option for me.  I am so hideously pale that I burn in around 10 minutes if I don’t wear sun screen. Sun screen and yarns don’t really mix – euugh sticky!!

I am yet to discover exactly what a summer knit is anyway!  There are hundreds of patterns out there for knitted and crocheted bikinis and, heaven forbid, knitted thongs for men!  I’ve always wanted to know who on earth could or would wear such things.  I have, recently, found out…

Thong (by Joan McGowan Michael for White Lies Designs) bikini by Kate Guilbert

Thong (by Joan McGowan Michael for White Lies Designs)

Bikini by Kate Guilbert available on

I am going to be knitting both! offending articles very shortly.  I haven’t quite lost my marbles…  I am doing the Moonwalk on 12 May which is a 26 mile walk through the streets of London, at night, wearing a bra, in aid of breast cancer charities.  We have all been given a bra, but we have to decorate it in something patriotic.  I hadn’t got a clue how to decorate mine until Shinybees tweeted me to say that she would sponsor me if I did the walk in a knitted bikini – so that’s it, never one to turn down a bet for charity, there will be a red, white and blue bikini on my needles very soon.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could sponsor me by clicking here.  If I hit my target, I’ll post a picture of me in the offending article.

I will also be knitting a thong this summer for my lovely friend Richard.  Richard is going to partake in the London Naked Bike Ride, which is what it says and is designed to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists in traffic.  He is going to paint himself red white and blue and wear a mask of the Queen; it being the Jubilee year.  He is, however, worried that his dangly bits may cause offence to Her Majesty so, knowing that I was knitting a bikini, has asked me to knit him a thong… well how could I refuse!!

Shinybees – do you see what you’ve started!


Autumn colours                                                                                Winter chills

7 thoughts on “Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 4 – Seasons

  1. I heart this. Now I know why every knitting book has a random knitted bikini in it – we should all be making one and doing the moonwalk!

    As for the knitted thong – fair play!

  2. definitely not was i expected to read today but I am glad I did, it made me really lol. But anyways, good luck with your causes, they sound great! And good luck knitting, those seem like they’d be fun to make.

    • tee hee. Thanks Martine. I’m going to listen to your Day 5 shortly. Just stugling with doing my own.

      for everyone else, Martin writes great blogs and presents a fabulous podcast –

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