Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 3 – My crafty hero

Well here we are on day 3 and I am really loving this. Today, I have had 75 visits to my blog and I haven’t even posted today’s yet! Woo hoo! The last highest count in one day was 56 back in November when I had to do an awful lot of friend badgering to get people to go take a look!!

This is all jolly exciting and not just the watching of my reader numbers climbing but reading others’ posts to see how they’ve interpreted the “brief”. They are all so very different. Here are a few so you can see for yourself:


The Thread Panda

Wickedly Artsy


Bleu comme une orange

You can search for others in any search engine, using the search term 3KCBWDAY3 – Have fun and leave comments on those which you like to give them encouragement to write more!🙂

Today I am asked to write about my knitting hero. This is kinda hard because there are so many great knitters out there and they have all touched my life in one way or another. There’s my Grandma who first taught me to knit as a child and then there’s my wonderful friend Martine from iMake who encouraged me to start knitting again and who has been my constant knitty best friend ever since.


Martine and me at our David Tennant Love Fest (we’re not just about craft!!)

Then there are those who are “famous” in the knitty world, whom I admire greatly, such as Susan Cropper, whose yarn shop, Loop, is a true thing of beauty filled with so much yarny goodness that it’s knitter’s heaven, or Juju Vail, who writes the most fabulous patterns, like the Layering Shrug that Martine and I chose for the 2nd iMake knitalong – see this Ravelry link, if you’d like to participate!

Layering Shrug by Juju Vail

The beautiful Megan in Juju’s Layering Shrug (Photo from Juju)

The hero whom I finally chose was The Deadly Knitshade (aka Lauren O’Farrell), famous for yarn storming, Stitch London, Cooey The Pigeon and Knit the City. I didn’t choose her for her knitting style or the fact that she has shocked the world into realising that there are many knitters under 30 and that a lot of them are very cool indeed. No, I chose Lauren because her story is so very inspiring and her quirky sense of humour is just great. These are a few of her marvelous creations:

Knit the City - Phonebox Cosy Blinkin' Bookworm - hello Bloomin' Bluebell – hullo

From left to right: Phonebox cosy by Westminster, Blinkin’ book worm and Bloomin’ Blue Bell (for leaving in pavement cracks)

I’m sure you can all see what I mean about Deadly’s sense of humour.

One of the most inspiring things about Lauren is that she taught herself to knit when she was undergoing treatment for cancer. Lauren used what was a dreadful period in her life to learn a new skill and to take it to a previously unheard of level by adding her own quirky twist to the craft and showing the world of knitting just how much fun it can be.

I’ve never met Lauren or any of her alter egos. I “found” her on twitter as @deadlyknitshade and have only been following her for a couple of months. I was overjoyed, yesterday, when she tweeted “I love this! Knitted chicken out and about” about my blog post of Cheerful Chicken (yesterday’s post), which was heavily inspired by the adventures of Cooey the Pigeon:

Cooey the Pigeon treed

Every person who buy’s Lauren’s book, Stitch London gets the materials to make a Cooey of their very own. Mine arrived today (coincidentally) and I’m very much looking forward to knitting a Cooey to keep Cheerful happy! Other delights in Knit the City include the Queen, a Royal Guard and two corgies! a raven, tube mouse, telephone box, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. Well worth a buy just for the pics, even if you don’t knit!

Here are a few more pics of Cooey playing in the snow, so you can see just why I love following @deadlyknitshade so much!😀

Cooey hearts snow - building a snow pigeonCooey hearts snow - Cooey really does love the snowCooey hearts snow - any one home?Cooey hearts snow - snowball fight goes wrongCooey hearts snow - time to go inside and get warm

So, a big warm thank you to Deadly Knitshade for her wonderful sense of fun and for allowing me to use her photos in this blog (she didn’t know the blog was about her either – ooops, she will now! Hope you don’t mind!) Rights reserved on all photographs by Deadly Knitshade. Please contact her if you wish to use any.

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