Knitting and Crochet blog week – Day 2 Photography Challenge

So day two of the challenge is a photo blog – knitting or crochet related, I guess. I was inspired by Whodunnknit aka DeadlyKnitShade and the adventures of the exceptionally talented Cooey the Pigeon. I follow them both on twitter and fully recommend that you do too; @deadlyknitshade and @cooeythepiegon. If you like my post today, you’ll love Cooey, and don’t forget that you can see everyone else’s blogs for today’s challenge by using 3KCBWDAY2 in a search engine!

The Adventures of Cheerful Chicken

This is Cheerful Chicken, whom I knitted a couple of years ago and who normally lives on the top shelf of my book-case:

Chick at home

Cheerful Chicken at home

As far as I am aware, Cheerful is very happy with his accommodation. He is very knowledgable, living amongst all those books – his favourite hobby is reading!

Reading up on Guernsey Law

Reading up on Guernsey law

Cheerful doesn’t just read though, he also has some friends:

Riding EdgarHanging out with Mabel

Having fun riding with Edgar Hanging out with Mabel

Yesterday, however, I thought it may be nice to take Cheerful out with me to the pub quiz. He had a great time, although he did get a little tipsy.

Waiting for trains is sooo boring!Yay! The train is hereOn the tube

Waiting for trains is soooo boring Oh here’s the train! On the tube on Kate’s knee

Sadly, when we arrived at the pub quiz it had been cancelled. Poor Cheerful took it rather badly and indulged in the booze!

Ah a lovely pint of Guinness...

Cheerful, about to indulge in his pint!

As Cheerful rarely goes out of the house, he isn’t very used to drinking and a whole pint of Guinness is an awful lot for such a small chicken. The journey home was, therefore, a little wobbly.

Stand BEHIND the yellow line!!

Careful! you’re dangerously close to the track!

Is this a really big slide?

Oooh Is this a really big slide?

Maybe I should cycle the rest of the way...

Deciding to ride the rest of the way on a Boris bike

Poor little Cheerful soon discovered that his legs just weren’t long enough to reach the pedals and became, well, NOT cheerful, and actually just a little depressed! 😦 I scooped him up and tucked him cosily into my project bag and took him home to bed.

He slept well last night but still seemed a little down today, so I took him to my crochet class at Loop to meet Jemima, the teacher (who was a little apprehensive about meeting Cheerful – see yesterday’s blog comment). This cheered Cheerful up no end and he thinks he has found a new hobby, creating Granny Squares!

Cheerful crocheting a granny square

Cheerful again and crocheting a granny square!

Oh how nice to end on a high note! Bless Cheerful and his new hobby.

Finally, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Martine from iMake for encouraging me to take part in this blog week challenge. I’m loving it!

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