Anchors away!

I am very excited, I have just finished my first bag!! woohoo.  It’s a very simple yacht design, hence the blog title of “anchors away!”

Somewhere across the sea...

Somewhere across the sea...

Things have been moving since yesterday.  I have contacted a designer to design a logo and banners for the shop sites and I’ve created a Facebook page for Kate’s Twirl.  You can “Like” it in the widget to the right.  Now that was a peculiar thing to set up – took me a while to fathom out.  Theoretically it is quite simple, but in practice I couldn’t get the link right – you’d think that you’d just copy the url at the top of the page when you’re in it, but no, that wasn’t the right one.  In the end I followed a link to my newly created FB page from an email which they sent me and then, there at the top was the correct url…. I must have been in some kind of admin page rather than the public page.

I had a job interview today, for a “proper” job.  The role is Employment Executive which basically means advisor in employment law and human resources.  The company offer ad hoc and retainer services of HR and Employment law advice to small and medium sized firms for whom employing the full gamut of HR employees isn’t a cost effective solution.  The business is run by a lovely woman, whom I would really like to work for, and who is willing to allow me to be part time initially so that I won’t have to let Loop down.  I’m getting ahead of myself – I’m not the only one being considered but I think the interview went well. Fingers crossed!

The journey there was over an hour and I was in the interview for about an hour and twenty, so I didn’t get home till around 4:30pm.  After a cuppa and a snicky snack snoo whilst watching this week’s True Blood, I set to work on the first ever Kate’s Twirl bag!  I have several ideas buzzing around, but decided to start simple with the yacht.

The raw materials

mmmm... now where shall I begin

ta da!

Work in progress

Work in progress

2 thoughts on “Anchors away!

  1. Hello you crazy munchkin
    Loving the totes, please can you do me one with suitable design – anything animal print??!!
    Job news sounds exciting

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